Gift-A-Deed app hopes to bridge the gap between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’ with regards to life’s basic necessities.

Yes. This app is accessible globally.

Only your Full Name will be visible to others. If you wish, you can go Anonymous by changing the Privacy Settings by visiting the My Profile option.

To tag a needy person, just go to the Tag a Deed section of the app. On the Tag a Deed page, fill in the required information, and click a photo of the needy person (optional), and you are all set to post the tag.

Once your tag has been fulfilled, you will get a notification regarding the same.

No. There is no monetary exchange expected while fulfilling a need.

No. You cannot fulfill a need that has already been fulfilled.

All the Gift-A-Deed app users who are in a vicinity of 10 km from the tag will get notified once you tag a deed.

All needs have a predefined validity that is set during tagging the need itself. All the needs that have passed the validity stop being shown in the app. Also, whenever a tag is fulfilled, it stops being shown in the app.

For every successful tag, the user earns 100 reward points. Similarly, for every fulfillment by the user, the user earns 200 reward points.

You can report a user, or a need to the admin by going to the details page of that need.

Please check your Junk/Spam folder to check whether emails from Gift-A-Deed are going to that folder. If mails form Gift-A-Deed are going to your Junk/Spam folder, then please mark them as ‘Safe’. This way, the emails from Gift-A-Deed will start landing in your Inbox.

Gift-a-Deed will have many different channels,
1. people to people;
2. people to groups/organizations /charities;
3. groups/organizations /charities to people; &
4. groups/ organizations/charities to groups/organizations/charities.
Gift-a-Deed is basically an Eco-system, digitally connecting Resources with Needs. Once people and groups/ organizations/charities come on board/register, they will leverage the network effect, sharing excess resources, in real time, to needy where ever they can, on the go using Gift-a-Deed as tool.

Organizations like Food banks, (or Goonj in India etc) are designed to be important partners, each connecting to their network via the App or simply using the App as a tool in their private group (similar to WhatsApp group function). In summary, Gift-a-Deed aims to be an aggregator of different needs in a community, city and even country level.

To this extent as Airbnb and Uber doesn't itself own any properties or taxis', Gift-a-Deed need not themselves collect, store or distribute. Partnerships and getting other volunteer groups /people with cause orientation, are requirements.

As far as compliance and test for food/health/safety etc is concerned, our approach is that Gift-a-Deed is a humanitarian mobile App, which allows humanitarian aid to be distributed effectively. Just like when a person in emergency maybe helped by a stranger in good faith with available resources in hand, for saving a human life, similarly the responsibility of doing a humanitarian deed falls on the person giving /helping. The App does have a function to report users who are found misusing or faking deeds. More than this the App of course uses geo-location verification before allowing a need to be marked as fulfilled on the App.

a) Groups feature
Can make private groups & post Needs on one or more groups in a private group

b) Resources feature
Can post Resources icon on a Map and specify the resources

c) SOS emergency feature
Used to specify emergency situation and post SOS on a map, also sending /calling emergency details to emergency services and friends /family.