1 | What social issue does GAD plan to address?
2 | Is this app accessible globally?
3 | What information I share is public to other users? Can I maintain privacy as a user?
4 | How do I tag the needy person?
5 | How do I know that the needs of the person I tagged have been fulfilled?
6 | Is there any monetary exchange expected while fulfilling a need?
7 | Can I fulfill a need that has already been fulfilled?
8 | Who all get notified once I tag a need?
9 | Why does the need I tag do not show up after some time?
10 | How are the Reward points calculated?
11 | What option do I have to report a need I think is not genuine?
12 | I am not receiving any emails from Gift-A-Deed. What do I do?
13 | What are the channels of GiftADeed?
14 | Is the App similar to other aggregator like Food Bank and Circular economy?
15 | Will the App itself do charitable work?
16 | How are compliance/food/health/safety issues addressed by the App?
17 | What are the collaboration features of the App, for search & rescue or for delivering humanitarian aid after a disaster?